Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers: the New, the Experienced, and the Mothers of More Than One Nursing Child

Welcome to Day 2 of our week long Carnival of Nursing in Public. Today's topic is Support and Advice, and we have a plethora of amazing bloggers who wrote about how to get started and how to feel comfortable nursing in public, including tandem breastfeeding and breastfeeding past infancy.

Also, don't forget to check out today's Featured Post on NursingFreedom.org by Lauren from Hobo Mama. She blogs about preparing yourself for N.I.P. "Particularly if breastfeeding in general — and breastfeeding in public specifically — is not the common experience in your culture, it helps to prepare and practice what you plan to do."

N.I.P. and Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy

With a great deal of backlash regarding nursing beyond infancy, these women have an even greater battle when nursing an older child in public.

  • Ever wonder what it would be like to try to nurse a toddler under a blanket? Dionna at Code Name: Mama gives us a humorous glimpse of this laughable proposition.
  • Lauren at Hobo Mama wishes she weren't quite so self-conscious about still nursing her very vocal, very demanding preschooler in public.
  • IcedMudd is celebrating six years of nursing her three children, anywhere and everywhere.
  • Jess in NZ at Minimalist Mum is proud that it is her right, her duty, her pleasure, and her habit to nurse her children in public.
  • Have you ever tandem nursed in public? Eidolons at Wild Faerie Caps proudly nurses both of her children, she knows that the benefits of breastfeeding far outweigh any negative comments she might receive.

Tandem Nursing in Public

Our next group of bloggers talk about nursing two in public.
  • Mamas have two hands and two breasts - they can breastfeed twins! Read Crystal's guest post at Random Mothering.
  • Breastfeeding mamas need support, particularly when they've had problems nursing in the first place. Anna at The Lawrence Girls shares her story of breastfeeding twins.

Support and Advice

So many of our bloggers offer invaluable advice for others considering N.I.P.

  • Lisa at Breastfeeding Anywhere used to pumped a bottle before she went out. Once she realized how much trouble that was, she empowered herself to NIP.
  • Breastfeeding mothers usually don't have much of a choice - we either NIP or everyone gets to hear a screaming baby. Relax - just do it. It's pretty rare that you will have a negative experience, despite the fuss that's made online. Lilbitz at Do I Dare to Eat a Peach reassures us.
  • Breastfeeding should be celebrated, no matter where or when it happens. Amy Romano at Giving Birth with Confidence explains how connecting with other nursing moms can make your own experience more joyful.
  • Carol at Lactivist Leanings has one regret about her breastfeeding journey - that she didn't take more pictures.
  • Some women are simply uncomfortable nursing around others, but never be so shy that you do not ask for help when you need it. Brooklyn from My Inappropriate Footwear encourages new mamas to seek the help they need.
  • Tired of nursing with a cover? Want to ditch the Hooter Hider? Sara at The Covered Wagon has some easy tips to start nursing without a blanket.
  • Kalah at The Loves of My Life shares her two very different breastfeeding experiences - in the more successful one she felt prepared and supported.
  • Michelle at The Parent Vortex had a crash course in NIP shortly after her daughter was born. Her best tip? Avent Breast Shells.
  • When Misty at Baby Bump asked her husband if he thought it was weird that she nursed without covering up, he told her that he would think it odd if she did! Now that's support.
  • Jennifer at Connected Mom has had nothing but support when she's nursed in public. If you've never felt supported in your breastfeeding journey, make it right for other women by supporting them anytime you see them NIP.
  • More than anything, her friends helped her get over her fear of NIP. Casey at Love What Is shares her story.
  • Erin at Miss Olivia Jane would like to give every breastfeeding mama the same gentle encouragement she got to NIP.Sometimes the simplest thing you can do to support a breastfeeding mama is to tell her "thank you."
  • Our Sentiments is thankful that mamas who N.I.P. are normalizing breastfeeding for her daughter.
  • One of the best things to have as a breastfeeding mama is the support of your partner. Mama Bennie at Randomness of a Cloth Diaper Addict has a husband who was one of the major reasons she "gave breastfeeding a try."
  • Breastfeeding mamas aren't always met with stares and whispers; we often receive tremendous support. Allie at The Baby Birthing Mama was unable to breastfeed her own child, but she encourages and supports others in their own breastfeeding journeys.
  • One of the things thewordfairy has learned in her breastfeeding journey is that she could not have succeeded alone.
  • Need ideas about how to support a breastfeeding mama who is NIP? Read this list at grumbles and grunts.


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