Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Creating a Supportive Network: Your Stories and Celebrations of N.I.P.

Beautiful breastfeeding art by Kate Hansen
Welcome to Day 3 of the carnival of Nursing in Public. So far we looked at Normalizing Breastfeeding in a Hyper-Sexualized Society on Monday and we talked all about Support on Tuesday. Today we turn our attention to some bloggers sharing their personal experiences with N.I.P. We also have a bonus section on Babywearing and N.I.P. and a few special posts with an artistic look at breastfeeding!

Please be sure to check out today's featured post from Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children. She reminds us that even though we hear a lot about N.I.P. online, new mothers shouldn't be scared to breastfeed while out and about - chances are, you'll never encounter any negativity.

Personal Experiences

  • Ironically enough, soon after Dionna at Code Name: Mama decided to start working on our Carnival of N.I.P., her own sister was asked to cover up while breastfeeding. Dionna shares her sister's story and gives us ideas of how we can stand up for our breastfeeding rights.
  • has a beautiful piece featuring NIP pictures and art. Celebrate breastfeeding mamas and NIP with everyone at peaceful parenting.
  • Have you ever felt that you needed to censor yourself by refraining from talking about breastfeeding online or by moving to a different room to nurse? Erin at A Beatnik's Beat on Life has, but she has resolved not to allow the fear of confrontation control her.
  • So often our own opinions of N.I.P. is shaped by our own experiences. Sheila at A Gift Universe was raised around breastfeeding mothers so finds it normal and natural. But other circumstances in her life make her feel like she has to cover up when she nurses her own baby (and she's not quite sure how she feels about that).
  • CrunchyMama80 at AllNaturalBabies does not judge other mothers who feed their children food that she does not agree with, why should breastfeeding mothers be judged for feeding their children?
  • JoEllen at Bees and Beans helped normalize NIP for her own family. Who did you normalize NIP for?
  • Jessica at Did I Read the Fine Print was asked to cover up by a store manager while NIP. Thankfully, several other employees came to her defense - but she's still upset that she was made to feel ashamed for NIP.
  • Andrea at Ella-Bean & Co. has never had to give her baby a bottle - they are a great NIP team!
  • NIP is about the breastfeeding mother's comfort level, not everyone else's. Abbie at Farmer's Daughter shares her own experiences.
  • If you are afraid to NIP, what small steps can you take to normalize it for yourself? The more comfortable we are NIP, the more comfortable society will be. Becky at Happy Christian Home has made her own resolutions to NIP without fear.
  • Many breastfeeding mamas prefer to show as little skin as possible. Cara at Health Home and Happiness describes how she prefers to NIP.
  • Even after nursing 4 babies, it took the support of other breastfeeding mamas to really make Heidi at House, Heart, and Handful comfortable with NIP.
  • Sometimes we feel least supported about NIP from our own family. It took three kids, but The Crunchy Pagan Parent has learned how to NIP in front of her in-laws.
  • Stephanie at Mama and Baby Love had so many problems getting her babe to nurse at all, that she couldn't care less what people thought once her daughter was finally able to nurse at 5 months old.
  • NavelgazingBajan at Navelgazing was pleasantly surprised with her first NIP experience.
  • Don't worry about NIP, just let yourself get caught up in the beautiful moment of breastfeeding itself. Amber guest posts at Diary of First Child.
  • Giselle at Granola Babies shares about a time she nursed in a restaurant - babies need to eat too!
  • kadiera at Our Little Acorn laments the fact that even hospitals rush to shield breastfeeding mothers from each other. Shouldn't other new mothers be a source of support and understanding?
  • Audra at Rediscovering Domesticity offers glimpses of how mamas can react to the crying of their babies: by running to the car to nurse, to a quiet corner of a store, or by staying put and nursing comfortably where she is. Where are you most comfortable?
  • Tera at Urban Domestic explains why she feels more comfortable NIP with a cover.
  • With four kids' worth of NIP under her belt, Laura at WaldenMommy knows that the best thing to remember is to cherish these days, no matter what anyone else says.
  • Eidolons at Wild Faerie Caps has nursed anywhere and everywhere. She is proud to NIP, but she is still respectful of the people around her.
  • CurlyMonkey is waxing poetic about nursing in public - what a cute poem about mama's milk!
  • Have you ever nursed your child in a Halloween costume? I'd love to make a slideshow of pictures like the one Jenne at Descent Into Motherhood got of this "nurse shark."


  • Amy at Anktangle enjoys the comfort of nursing in a carrier. What is your favorite carrier for breastfeeding in?
  • Valerie at Creative Valerina felt her confidence bloom as soon as she learned how to nurse in her Maya sling.
  • For Beecher at pshouseblog, breastfeeding has become synonymous with her Ergo.


I just wanted to say how amazing this all is and how privileged I feel to be a part of it.

Also, I sold my nursing cover two months ago and despite still nursing, haven't looked back (an no longer care who is looking!)

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