Friday, July 9, 2010

Carnival of Nursing in Public Wrap-Up

What a week!  I am personally just speechless at what we all accomplished in one week.  It seems like ages ago but Dionna and I first started talking about a Carnival after her excellent post on Kim Kardashian's comment about NIP.  In reality it was only three weeks ago!  The idea just kept growing and growing and eventually morphed in to starting 

Of course it would have stopped at being a great idea without the amazing level of participation.  We had over 120 original posts submitted.  So many, in fact, that we plan to feature some in the coming weeks on  We had dozens of amazing breastfeeding in public pictures submitted for our slideshow.  Our brand new baby of a website got 15,456 visits in its first week!  We have over 1,000 Facebook Fans in just over 4 days!  I find it deliciously ironic that Facebook can be used for NIP advocacy despite their stance on breastfeeding pictures!

We hope to use Facebook for some additional awareness activities for World Breastfeeding Week August 1-7.

Dionna, Attorney-turned-SAHM extraordinaire, did all the footwork to collect the actual statutory language for NIP laws in all 47 states that have one.  Consequently, we were able to create wonderful Breastfeeding Laws Reference Cards.  Our hope is that these will be invaluable if you are ever faced with NIP harassment.

We hope to have Canadian Province Laws shortly and to expand to other countries in the coming months.

One of the main things we want to do with is become a clearinghouse for Breastfeeding Advocacy.  We want to provide resources to combat specific instances of breastfeeding discrimination like the dangerous and erroneous statements by Lisa Rollins of NewsRadio Word 106.3 FM and more generalized guidelines like our customizable letter for breastfeeding discrimination.

In the coming weeks we hope to start a campaign to pass laws in states that do not protect nursing freedom and to strengthen federal law.  We also hope to be able to respond quickly to challenges to NIP that come up.  Make sure you are subscribed to so you can hear all the ways to support Breastfeeding Rights.

You can wear your right to NIP in style with some of our CafePress gear!  Including stickers to give your local shops that support the right to breastfeed!  The proceeds of the gear and the breastfeeding cards will help us offset the costs of running

Our amazing bloggers covered so many NIP topics this week: 
Advice (2) Babywearing (1) Beyond Infancy (1) Carnival (3) Culture (1) International (2) lactivism (2) legislation (3) Normalization (1) Normalizing (2) photos (1) Religion (1) Sexualization (1) Stories (2) take action (12) World Breastfeeding Week (1) Your Rights (2)
We have more to come!  I'm personally working on NIP with Large Breasts, How To Make Your Own Nursing Top and A Letter From My Daughter About NIP.  We have guest bloggers sharing their knowledge with us.  And, that doesn't even include the amazing and informative posts I'm sure Dionna has up her sleeve! 

Also, don't forget we have Giveaways to come!  We are busy crunching all the entries (hundreds!!) and will announce the winners soon! 

Thank you to all of our bloggers who shared their stories with the world.  

Thank you to all of our readers, retweeters, reposters, and badge displayers! 

Thank you to my husband, who has been wifeless most nights lately!  

Thank you for Dionna spending your late nights to change the world so when Kieran and Aellyn grow up they don't have to be harassed for feeding their children. 

But mostly, 
Thank you to every mother out there that nurses her baby in public.  Despite stares or angry words.  Your act of nurturing for your child is changing the face of society for the next generation.  You are a Nursing Hero.  Remember that. 


I don't know why but I am quite impressed with the amount of hits you received. Wow Great job ladies!

Me too! You could have knocked me over with a feather! That's like a year of hits for my other blog! :)

Great job ladies! I'm still wading through all the great writing from the carnival. I'm proud to have participated.

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