Sunday, July 4, 2010

Help Promote the Carnival of Nursing in Public

Help us get the word out! We have several ways you can promote the Carnival and Nursing in Public;
  1. Join our Facebook Page and suggest the page to your friends.
  2. 36716_136549386364247_135039689848550_297885_5515535_n.jpgDuring the week of the Carnival change your Facebook Profile Pic or Page Pic to the "I Nurse in Public" button. The button is available here for download: and then you can upload it to your FB profile.
  3. Follow us on Twitter: @nursingfreedom
  4. RT your fellow-bloggers' NIP tweets using the #CarNIP tag. Adding #breastfeeding tag will also help attract readers.
  5. Show your support for NIP on your blog with one of our many badges available here.
  6. Join our Flickr Group to add you own images of nursing in public!
  7. Promote the Carnival with your local moms. The website has a great resource on breastfeeding and the law for all US states that many mothers would benefit from.
  8. Facebook PSA's: Update your status with one of our breastfeeding "public service announcements," or create one of your own - feel free to link back to!
Monday, July 5:  
As long as we still have people telling us to nurse babies in dirty bathrooms, we still have work to do to normalize breastfeeding. Check out's Carnival of Nursing in Public today: it's all about transforming our culture into one that embraces breastfeeding - anywhere.

Tuesday, July 6:
Do you know a breastfeeding mother? Have you ever seen a mother breastfeeding in public? What have you ever done to support a nursing mother? Today's topic in's Carnival of Nursing in Public is all about support. (Attach link:

Wednesday, July 7:
If you've ever nursed in public, wants to hear your story. Today's Carnival of Nursing in Public posts share the stories and celebrations of N.I.P. stories from across the world. Add your own story by checking out the "Contributors" tab at (Attach link:

Thursday, July 8:
Ever wonder what other countries think of breastfeeding? How about other religions? Learn about both in today's incredibly informative posts at's Carnival of Nursing in Public. (Attach link:

Friday, July 9:
Do you know whether your state protects the rights of breastfeeding pairs? has created an easy to read map and compiled current state statutes related to breastfeeding. Visit to read more about your right to N.I.P., responses to those who ask you to move or cover up, and to order breastfeeding cards with your state's law printed on them. (Attach link:


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