Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Winners of the Carnival of Nursing in Public Giveaways

We are so grateful to our five wonderful sponsors for donating giveaways to the Carnival of N.I.P. Regardless of whether you won a giveaway, we thank each one of you for sharing your photos, your stories, and your time with us. The Carnival was a tremendous success, and we are excited to bring about even more positive change as we go forward with NursingFreedom.org. Please subscribe to our RSS feed (with your reader or by email) so that you can stay updated on our efforts. We will need your help to normalize breastfeeding and nursing in public!

Here is a little bit about each of our sponsors, as well as the winners list.

1. The Sustainable Stitchery: The Sustainable Stitchery is local to me (Dionna), and I am a very happy customer. The owners care deeply about creating products that are sustainable, easy and fun to use, as well as clean, useful, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. The cloth nursing pads, menstrual pads, wipes, and more are all "indispensable reusables." The owners have put years of first-person product testing, constructive criticism from customers, and lots of trial and error into making the best products they can. What's even better is that they are immensely affordable.

The Sustainable Stitchery donated four pairs of nursing pads, which we split up between two winners. Our winners of two pairs of nursing pads each are: Slee at Paisley & Pretties and CurlyMonkey

2. The Better Way to Breastfeed: Robin Elise Weiss, BA, CLC, ICCE-CPE, CD(DONA), LCCE, FACCE, is the author of more than ten books, her newest book is The Better Way to Breastfeed.  As a mother of eight, one of her proudest accomplishments is nursing all of her kids, including a set of twins, through thick and thin!  You can find her on the web as the Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth for About.com (http://pregnancy.about.com) or at her personal site (http://robineliseweiss.com).

Robin donated two signed copies of The Better Way to Breastfeed. Our winners of one book each are: Hannah (who had a guest post at peaceful parenting) and Kelli (who submitted a breastfeeding picture)

3. Innerwolfbatik: This Etsy shop is operated by husband and wife team Micha & Shannon Rodgers. Micha learned the art of batik while following the Grateful Dead. What started out as a way to make it to the next show soon turned into a passion. Micha met Shannon and fell deeply in love, and now they have two beautiful little ones. Shannon is a breastfeeding mama to both her 2 year old and a newborn, and she is a happy supporter of N.I.P.

Innerwolfbatik donated a beautiful onesie (which they can make in any size from infant to adult if you are interested in wearing your breastfeeding support in a fun and colorful way) to show off your breastfeeding pride! Our winner will receive one onesie in their choice of 3-6mth or 6-9mth. The winner of the onesie is: Lauren at Hobo Mama.

4. Wildroot Botanicals: Leslie is an Etsy seller and a breastfeeding mama. Wildroot Botanicals is a small family business located in the lovely Pacific Northwest. They specialize in wild harvests from the lush environment and growing medicinals out at their farm. They love working with plants and believe in the importance of small-scale and using one’s own hands to ensure quality. Products are made in small batches like their grandparents used to craft, ensuring the highest quality. All of their creations are crafted and distilled from fresh and freshly dried botanicals. All ingredients are high quality organic, ethically wildcrafted and fair trade certified, free of artificial fragrances, chemicals or preservatives.

Leslie donated Sore Nipple Salve with Organic Lanolin, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Locally sourced beeswax, Organic Coco Butter and ethically wildcrafted herbs. The winner of the Sore Nipple Salve is: Danelle of peaceful parenting.

5. ERGOBaby: The ERGObaby Carrier is a great way to nurture your baby. The ERGObaby Carrier’s ergonomic design supports your baby’s natural seated position, the carefully researched design also supports your posture by distributing your baby’s weight between your shoulders and hips, thus allowing you to comfortably carry your baby for hours at a time. We breastfeeding mamas love the Ergo Baby Carrier for maintaining an active lifestyle and for its comfort while breastfeeding and babywearing. For a personal review of the Ergo, read MammaPie's excellent review.

ErgoBaby has donated one Ergobaby Carrier, choice dependent upon stock available. The winner of the Ergo Baby Carrier is: Allie at The Baby Birthing Mama.

Winners were chosen using the random number generator at Random.org.

Do you make/sell products for breastfeeding mothers? Please contact us for information on how you can donate for our next giveaway or advertise on NursingFreedom.org.


Let us know when your next giveaway is as we'd love to send you a Gift Certificate for a Free Lactation Consultation!

Best Fed Babies

Congratulations to the winners! It was a great start off week for Nursing Freedom. I would be happy to donate something for the next give away.

Oh, those are so sweet! Thanks so much for hosting these giveaways. Lovely!

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