Monday, August 16, 2010

Breastfeeding Gift Ideas for Expecting Mothers

A reader asks: I am attending a baby shower for a friend. I'd like to get her something that will help make her breastfeeding experience more comfortable. What should I buy? 

Whether you want to spend $0, $20, or $100, here are some ideas to get you started no matter what your gift-giving budget1:

Books About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Wear (apparel and carriers)

Breastfeeding State Law Cards
Breastfeeding Props (things that may make you more comfortable while nursing)

Nursing Distractions (to make those early days of 24/7 nursing easier)

Creams, Pads, and Other Helps for Sore Breasts

Gifts of Service and Time
  • Frozen meals
  • Fresh veggies, fruits, and other snacks (cut and ready to eat)
  • Lactation cookies (recipe on Epicurious)
  • Offer to babysit, answer breastfeeding questions, etc.
  • Accompany her to a La Leche League or other breastfeeding readiness meeting (before and/or after baby arrives); you might also consider buying her a LLL membership if she enjoys it.
  • Gift certificate for a housekeeper (or an offer to come clean for her)
  • Phone numbers for local LLL leaders
  • Gift certificate for post-partum doula
  • Gift certificate for a foot massage
  • Gift certificate for a photographer session, or an offer to take photos yourself
  • Gift certificate for a session with a Lactation Consultant

What would you have wanted as a new nursing mother?

What have you given as a breastfeeding-themed gift in the past?

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I think giving someone a nipple shield before their baby is even born is a bad idea. They really should be used under the advice of a lactation consultant, since once you start out with it, you may be stuck with it for awhile. (I know I was, and I am pretty sure it was unnecessary.)

Another great book is "The Food of Love." It's got comics and cute pictures.

Good point, Sheila - I decided to leave a couple of other suggested items off for the same reason. This one slipped past me!

I have a friend who makes nursing covers and matching burp cloths...her website is and her name is Amanda Stamm. They are structured at the top so you can see the baby nursing, etc....My sister loved hers! It is my favorite gift for a new mom who plans to nurse.

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