Monday, September 13, 2010

Breastfeeding and Motherhood Tattoos II

Thank you to all of the mamas who have shared their beautiful ink with us! We got so many more pictures after we published our first post of breastfeeding and motherhood tattoos, we decided to do a second post.
If you would like to share your breastfeeding or motherhood tattoos, please email a picture of them to NursingFreedom (at) gmail (dot) com, along with a brief description/meaning of the tattoo. Let us know if you'd like us to use your name!
Enjoy the beautiful ink below sent in by our readers.

Taryn from had this piece done as a tribute to motherhood. It is based on Gustav Klimt's painting Mother and Child. The inspiration for this tattoo was her son Jude, who is 29 months old and still nursing.

Devan at Accustomed Chaos has two motherhood tattoos. The hibiscus flowers across her back each represent a child of mine (including Triton, who she lost at 13 wks gestation). The cherry blossoms are a recurrent theme in her tattoos; she has nine, each with falling petals. Each blossom represents a miscarriage (she has had ten) and there is a flourish tying them all together.
 Devan's second tattoo includes two cherry blossoms with falling petals and the phrase "Come What May." The phrase is her motto, and reminds her that she will always be ok, no matter what.

Allie from got this tattoo for her 20th birthday to depict her and her children. Babywearing is super important to us, which is why the little one is in a sling. To Allie, the tattoo represents the beauty of motherhood.

Angela got this tattoo to represent her daughter and her two beagles. She designed it so that she could add on as her family changes. For example, she has a second child now but lost one of her beagles, so she will add another footprint for the baby and a halo to one of the paw prints.

Kelly's tatto is inspired by artist Laura Vida's design. Kelly got it done when her daughter turned one year old, and she now proudly (at almost five!) tells people to look closely to see "the baby!  And BOOB!"  Kelly loves the way this image represents a mother as both a nurturing figure and a sexy woman. It depicts her own feelings of melding the woman she was and the woman she was becoming.  
Melissa has two tattoos that represent motherhood. The ankh is a symbol of rebirth: it represents the two times she miscarried her daughter prior to having her. The base is cracked showing the heartache of an abusive marriage and miscarriages. It smooths as "time" goes on, completing the ankh and growing wings for the freedom from her old life with her precious daughter and a much better partner. The pregnant goddess is a symbol of faith and represents the "every woman," the power of birth/pregnancy, and change.

Nakai's tattoo, which is on her chest, not only represents motherhood and her own birth story, but also symbolizes that birth is close to her heart - she is studying to be a midwife.

Corrine's "mother love heart" tattoo bears the signatures of her sons: Logan at 6 years old and Connor at 4.5 years old.

This mama chose a willow tree, because she and her daughter both love them. The base of the tree has she and her husband's initials; their children's initials are amongst the branches of the tree.

Lysandra's tattoo was designed by Chad Whitson of Toledo, OH. Lysandra has nursed four children (the longest til he was almost three years old). She is also a LLL leader in NC. Her tattoo took four sittings, three to four hours each over an eight month period.

Julia got this tattoo to represent her five children. It is an anklet with their initials and birthstones, and it has a breastfeeding symbol as a charm. She has nursed all of her children for three years each, her youngest two are still nursing. Julia has breastfed continuously for over eight years and has either tandem nursed, nursed while pregnant, or both for over seven years.


Ahh, I have a fairly unique tattoo representing my family:

Each of the stars is a member of our family. The two big ones are DH and I and the small ones are our girls. There's room on the other side for our family to grow. The words mean "Truth and Love" and is the Star Trek group through which my husband and I met.

I love all of these tattoos, so beautiful!!

These are so beautiful! I want a mommy tattoo so bad but I think I'll have to wait until my son a little older to see his personality. I love how each of these has such a deep meaning and beautiful story!

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