Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CarNIP Creme de la Creme, Part 3

We are happy to share some of the wonderful pieces that were submitted during the Carnival of Nursing in Public as "Crème de la Crème" posts. I'll be posting a few at a time so you can look at them at your leisure. If you feel so moved, please click over, read the whole post, and leave a comment in support of the writers who participated in the Carnival.
  • Hobo Mama, Nursing in Public: The only times Lauren from Hobo Mama ever felt shame when nursing her (then) new baby was when she tried to cover up. Her advice to modest moms is to wear a nursing/maternity tank top if it makes you feel better, and NIP proudly.
The only times I've felt shame and embarrassment when breastfeeding are when I've tried to cover it up. When I just do it like it's the most natural thing in the world, I'm not embarrassed, and I think I keep most other people from feeling embarrassed as well. I mean, I can't control their own emotions and issues, but I hope I at least project the idea that they don't need to be embarrassed for my sake.
Read more from Hobo Mama.
  • PhD in Parenting, What Gives You the Right?: Why should breastfeeding mothers have to cater to the modesty requirements of the general public? Why should we have to take others' feelings into considerations over our own child's needs? Annie at PhD in Parenting's answer is: we don't.

You don’t want your child to see me feeding my child. Why is that my problem? Why should I stay home while you go to the restaurant? Why should your kids eat at the table, while my kid eats in the bathroom? Why should my child have to have a blanket over her head instead of you putting a blanket over your child’s head?
Read more from PhD in Parenting.

I think we live in a culture that allows us to express ourselves about subjects which are none of our business. And that gives many the feeling that their thoughts should be shared simply because they have permission to express them. That isn’t the case. . . .
It’s not just about what you think. It’s about the impact of your comment. Does it help? Does it bring comfort and support? Does it bring peace? Does it promote love? Are you bringing forward a part of you- authentically sharing with another with no expectation, just to be helpful?
Or are you being critical? Skeptical? Are you expecting others to conform to your standards? Is the comment divisive? Does it purposely breed controversy? Is it ignorant or hurtful?
It matters.
Read more from Intentional Birth.


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