Thursday, October 7, 2010

Breastfeeding While Babywearing, Part 2

We're celebrating International Babywearing Week by featuring some of our readers' stories and pictures while breastfeeding their babies in carriers. 

Judging from the number of pictures we received from mamas nursing in wraps, our readers would love to gift every breastfeeding mother a long stretchy wrap, also known as a "simple piece of cloth" or SPOC. The most popular stretchy wrap among our readers is, hands down, the Moby Wrap.

Danielle breastfeeds her two month old in a Moby Wrap.
Once you get the hang of wrapping it around you and positioning baby inside, a stretchy wrap makes hands-free holding and nursing relatively easy. Jen fondly remembers making pizza (the dough from scratch!) for guests - all the while nursing her little one in a Moby.
And while many mamas prefer a stretchy wrap when their babes are smaller (up to six months or so), others keep on using one for much longer.

Kayla nurses her 12 month old in a bright pink Moby Wrap.
But Moby isn't the only brand of wrap on the market - one of our readers makes and sells her own organic version of the stretchy wrap.
Emmanuelle nurses her 6 week old in a CurlyMonkey Organic Stretch Wrap.
The CurlyMonkey Organic Stretch Wrap is comfortable enough to nurse a 16-month-old babe too!
Some mamas prefer to nurse their babes upright in stretchy wraps.
Jenn nurses her 3 month old in a Sleepy Wrap.
Others like the support a stretchy wrap gives to a baby who would rather lie down.
Jenni's 6 month old reclines while breastfeeding in a Moby.
But you don't need a fancy label on your wrap - you can make one yourself! There's a reason it's called a "simple piece of cloth," all you need is a length of cotton gauze and a sewing machine or serger to finish the edges. Monkey Sew Monkey Do has an easy tutorial that even the most novice of sewers can follow.
Anita nurses her precious two-day-old newborn in a homemade SPOC.
Not sure how you'd wrap such a long piece of cloth around you? Try one of the many tutorials. offers a comprehensive PDF with pictures; my husband and I (1) perfected our wrap technique by watching the dad in this YouTube video. Here's an excellent review and tutorial from Hobo Mama.
Keep trying - you'll get the hang of it! You might get some fussing from baby, who will probably get tired of being taken in and out of it during the learning curve, but eventually she'll thank you for letting her snuggle and nurse, warm and close to your body. (This picture tutorial on nursing in a wrap might help!)
Christina nurses her eight month old (with amazing eyes!) in a Moby Wrap.
Do/did you like to nurse your little one in a Moby? Please share your tips/tricks in the comments for our readers who haven't quite gotten the hang of it.
(1) "My" being Dionna and my hubby Tom.

Check back with throughout IBW - October 6 - 12 - for more pictures and stories of breastfeeding while babywearing.


I LOVE nursing in the moby! If I know she will need to eat while I take the 3 to the park, or for a long walk, I always wear the moby. She would nurse in the cradle hold as an infant. But since she has started sitting up, she has nursed in an upright position. I love that I can just shift her over a tad bit and loosen the tie to help her latch on. And when I am done, scoot her up, retie. Done. LOVE IT!

One tip: Where a low cut shirt, easy to pull your breast out of the top. Lifting a shirt in a wrap is easy, but getting it back in place is difficult. The top of your breast would be exposed, but if that bothers you, you can use the part of the wrap that goes over your shoulder to hide baby. :D

i agree that the shirt is easier to pull down if you are nursing in a wrap sling. pull the baby out and slide the fabric to the side instead of taking it off. once baby is attached you can slide the fabric back over the head if you like to be more modest. i was always nervous at first about nursing in public and this is an easy way to make it more comfortable BUT the easiest thing to do in my opinion is to wear the ergo baby carrier, lift the shirt up and just stroll down the street. that will only really work once your baby is old enough to latch on himself tall enough to reach the breast. i walked so many places so many times and noone could tell a thing!

I just bought a moby today and have been struggling to figure out how to nurse me 8.5 week old in it. Any suggestions? He normally nurses in a cradle or cross-cradle hold.

I love that bright pink one!! Great photos.


Maire - I will ask on NursingFreedom's Facebook page for you - you will get lots of responses! Come join us:

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