Saturday, October 9, 2010

Breastfeeding While Babywearing, Part 3

We're celebrating International Babywearing Week by featuring some of our readers' stories and pictures while breastfeeding their babies in carriers. 

Sara nurses her 3 week old in a ring sling.

The classic baby carrier? 

The ring sling: a piece of fabric with rings on one end, looped around mama so baby can fit snugly inside. 

The ring sling works for newborns . . . 

Mallory nurses her 23 month old in a GriffinFamilyCrafts ring sling.

on up until about 30 or 35 lbs

Kirsten loves her ring slings - she has some from Sleeping Baby Productions, Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, and Sling Fling Sling. Kirsten says that ring slings are perfect for breastfeeding "even now that my daughter is 14 months old and 23 lbs. I actually wore her in a ring sling while walking the Bronx Zoo last week and breastfed while walking. By the way, she's half as tall as I am."

Joseane nurses her 3 month old in a BabySling

You don't need to be on dry land to nurse in a ring sling, Sarah uses a solarveil ring sling for nursing in the pool on a hot summer day.

Coralissa breastfeeds her 12 month old in a PSling.

Mallory shares her favorite part about ring slings: "The same sling that I loved with my 10 lb newborn still works with my 30 lb toddler. A plus is that I can use the tail to cover my tummy when he's nursing."

Tonya breastfeeds her 7 month old in a PSling.

Ashleigh nurses a sleepy 6 month old in a MilkyBaby sling.
Ashley Poland shares a story about nursing in public in a ring sling:
We were a book signing for Jim Butcher in Kansas City -- I went with my then 13-month-old son, my sister, her rooomate, and a friend in full-plate armor. We got there at about seven, and lo and behold -- it was a three hour wait (and well worth it). Thankfully I thought to bring the Baby K'tan I own, which I'd only had for about two months; by 9:00 my son was well past his bed time, overstimulated, and getting grumpy.
Twelve people back from the author, I began to realize that the only thing that was going to put my son to sleep was nursing. He's too big for the cradle position, so I pull my breast out the top of my shirt and let him nurse as he is. Between my shirt, the carrier, and his head nestled on my chest, no one was the wiser.  Even my armored friend looked right at me and went, "Oh, wow, he's breastfeeding -- I had no idea!"
Still, all I could think was please, please don't let me be nursing while I meet Jim Butcher. While I'm all in for public nursing, all I could imagine was at just the wrong moment my son would unlatch, and my boob would just come flying out in front of this author I really admire. Luckily, my son was done before it was our turn to get our book signed.

Stephanie breastfeeds her 10 month old in a Maya Wrap.

Want to make your own ring sling? Jan Andrea offers free tutorials for one layer ring slings, reversible ring slings (pattern 1, pattern 2, pattern 3, and pattern 4), and a no-sew sling.

Anita shows off her homemade ring sling while nursing her 11 month old.
Katie peeks in at her nursing 6 month old in a Taylor Made sling.

Sara - BabyEtte Ring Sling - 23 months
Sara's 23 month old nurses comfortably in a BabyEtte sling.

Joseane nurses hands-free with her 3 month old in a BabySling.
Do you love your ring sling? Why or why not?


yay! thanks for posting Penelope and I's pic! I love my Maya wrap so much. Like someone mentioned its great for a 10 week old or a 30 pound toddler. It is a classic for sure.

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