Monday, October 11, 2010

Breastfeeding While Babywearing, Part 4

We're celebrating International Babywearing Week by featuring some of our readers' stories and pictures while breastfeeding their babies in carriers. 

The resounding response to the question, "what is your favorite carrier to nurse in?"
A soft structured carrier, the most popular of which is the Ergobaby.

April breastfeeds her 6 month old in an Ergo.
Soft structured carriers like the Ergo help distribute baby's weight more evenly around your hips and back, so you are less likely to get sore shoulders (an unfortunate side-effect sometimes when wearing baby in a ring sling).
Breastfeeding a sweet 4 month old in an Ergo Sport.
One of the best things about most soft structured carriers are their versatility - you can wear baby in the front or the back. Along with the support, this makes it easier to carry baby for longer distances.
Lisa shares: "the Ergo is super easy! We went to the Memphis Zoo this summer when my son was 7 wks and I nursed him while we walked around. We were with some friends and she didn't even notice I was nursing until I switched sides."
Amy assures us how discreetly one can nurse in an Ergo: "I LOVED nursing in my Ergo. I nursed her so often, in so many places and in front of so many people who would have otherwise been aghast. Alas, they never knew."
Suzi communes with nature while nursing her 8 month old in an Ergo.
 Christiana prefers the Ergo for ease of breastfeeding: "I'm joining the Ergo bandwagon - love it! I've nursed in a Babyhawk mai tai as well, but the Ergo wins for me because of the ease of loosening the straps to drop the baby to the best height for her to eat. I feel like she's securely in there the whole time (not that I've had a mai tai fall off)."
You can read a great review of the Ergo at Adventures in Babywearing. And here's a video tutorial on how to nurse in the Ergo. 
Nursing a 14 month old at the beach in an Ergo.
We've featured several popular types of carriers as we celebrate "breastfeeding while babywearing": mei tais, stretchy wraps (or SPOCs), ring slings, and now soft structured carriers. But there are many other types of carriers that may work for you. Here are a few more pictures of our readers breastfeeding while babywearing:
Kristi makes dinner while breastfeeding her 20 month old in a homemade pouch sling.
Dorothy nurses her 11 month old in a hip carrier - the Side Rider.
Melissa snuggles up to a sweet 3 month old in a Beco Butterfly 2 - another type of soft structured carrier.

What is your favorite baby carrier to breastfeed in?
Do you have any great stories of nursing while babywearing? If so, consider submitting them to our "Joys of Nursing in Public" series!


I've been waiting for the Ergo to be featured! I have shopped in Lowe's walking around nursing and no one ever knew. Zoos, parks, anywhere baby is and I am we have done it! Love the Ergo for all ages - newborn to 2 yrs!

We just posted about the perfect partnership of breastfeeding and babywearing! Each Onya Baby has enjoyed its benefits. Total baby Nirvana. Here's the link, if you feel so inclined to check it out:

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