Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Joys of Nursing in Public #4

Today we are happy to host a guest post by Casey. Casey resides in Upstate New York with her husband Jason and two daughters, Anabella 3 1/2 years and Elsie 7 months. The whole family enjoys practicing the attachment parenting lifestyle. Here is her nursing in publicguest post.

Casey tandem nurses her four month old
and 3 1/2 year old in a Moby wrap.
This is a picture of my first tandem nursing in public experience, and it was taken at a hospital. My three year old had a minor day surgery, and as luck would have it, she needed comforting at the same time my four month old was ready to eat. We were at the hospital in a patient recovery area with about six other patients, and while tandem nursing them at home was a regular occurrence for us, I had never tandemed in public, especially with a three year old hooked up to wires!

I started nursing them, and in walked the nurses. "Great!," I thought. 

I was ready with a comeback as to why my three year old needed to nurse, how it was not child abuse, etc., when the older nurse started to gush about how wonderful it was that I was tandem nursing.

After I got over the initial shock - not only was she happy about me tandem nursing, but she was also encouraging me to continue nursing my daughter as long as possible - she then went on to tell me how she had had home births, coslept, breastfed, etc. We then talked about how we also have had home births, have a family bed, etc. It was great! 

Her encouragement and support made me comfortable to tandem nurse my girls in a room of strangers.  


Despite the fact that negative nursing in public experiences get the publicity, more women receive the kindness and thanks from strangers for making breastfeeding a normal sight.
We want to share your positive stories so that other breastfeeding mothers and mothers-to-be will be inspired and encouraged to N.I.P. If you have a positive N.I.P. story, please contact us. We will include them in the series and credit you, your site, or post it anonymously if you so desire.


I am tandem nursing my almost 4 yr old and my almost 1 yr old. We have not needed to NIP yet, but I feel like I am ALWAYS defending my stance on child-led weaning. This is a great little story because I don't feel alone! Good job Mama!

That was a wonderful story. I currently tandem nurse my almost 4 yr old and 15 month old girls...Although we also constantly tandem nurse at home, I had to do it in public once at the park when my 4 yr old fell & hurt herself...nothing else would comfort her...my 15 mo old got upset since big sis was upset, so I just nursed the two of them right there, sitting under a tree. The park was pretty full, but no one seemed to notice or care. I was surprised, and happy.

What a great inspiration Casey....thanks for sharing this story and pic!!

Aww... I don't have much opportunity to nurse my big girl in public anymore, but just last week I took both girls to the Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge where I tandem nursed them in public. Even my little one, at 17 months, was pretty big for that crowd, so imagine what they all thought of my 4 year old! Some of the new mamas seemed kinda surprised, but I did get some direct kudos from someone for tandeming.

Wow, that left my eyes misty, that's so wonderful!

yay for you mama. bfing is the best gift you can give your babies and even better to continue on till theyre ready to stop. when we have our next one i have a feeling well be tandeming ;)

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