Monday, November 22, 2010

CarNIP Creme de la Creme, Part 7

We are happy to share some of the wonderful pieces that were submitted during the Carnival of Nursing in Public as "Crème de la Crème" posts. I'll be posting a few at a time so you can look at them at your leisure. If you feel so moved, please click over, read the whole post, and leave a comment in support of the writers who participated in the Carnival.

  • Lactation Narration, Nursing at Sharper Image Have you ever been harassed about nursing in public? If so, you’re not alone. Alicia at Lactation Narration shares her harassment story and how it turned her into a breastfeeding activist.  
I have researched the issue and talked to other mothers who have had similar experiences, and I stand up for them in hopes that it will not have to happen to more women. I think that most women probably don’t even know that there is a law that protects them, and many would not stand up for themselves even if they knew about it.
Read more from Lactation Narration.
  • PhD in Parenting, Covering Up Is A Feminist Issue: Few breastfeeding mothers are strangers to the “covered/discreet” discussion. Annie at PhD in Parenting would like to point out that shrouding women has been a tool for oppression throughout history. This article takes you on a pictorial path ranging from shrouded to nude, reminding us that it is the woman’s right to decide how covered – or uncovered – she chooses to be. 
Any time a woman is told to cover up or told to undress, I see that as an attack on her person. Telling women to cover up and telling women to strip down are frequently used tactics for oppressing women. There are both practical and philosophical reasons why no one other than the woman herself should decide how covered or uncovered to be.
Read more from PhD in Parenting.
  • The Connected Mom, I've Got Two Boobs . . . One . . . Two: America has a strange relationship with boobs. We love them, so long as there is not a baby attached. Could this be because of our conservative Protestant heritage? Is this a result of the beliefs on which our nation was founded? Jennifer, The Connected Mom tackles this question and more.
The teacher from the school actually says "she doesn't have the right to impose her agenda on other people's children." Ok, I hate to break it to everyone but 99.9% of the time, breastfeeding moms are just trying to feed their child.
Read more from The Connected Mom.


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