Monday, February 14, 2011

The Joys of Nursing in Public #6

My story isn’t technically a NIP story, but it gives me such a warm and squishy feeling every time I think of it that I want to share it. A few weeks ago I was having a garage sale with a couple of my friends. We were hanging out in my garage, talking, drinking ice water, and selling our junk.

My four and half month old son started showing some hunger signs, and even though I was in my own garage, on my own property, I was slightly nervous about nursing him. What would I do if someone had the nerve to make a comment to me? What would I say? I think I was actually more nervous about nursing him there than I have been ever. I know my rights, I know my state’s laws, I know what to do and say if someone approaches me in public. But strangers saying something to me at my house?

I realized that I was being silly. Besides this being my property, one friend is a lactivist, the other is very pro-breastfeeding and I KNEW they’d have my back if anything were to happen. So, I sat down with my son, grabbed the Boppy, and started nursing him right as a couple of older people walked up the drive.

We all said hello and the couple browsed. The woman walked near me and started admiring my baby. “Oh!” she said, “that is the best thing for him!” And she started telling me about her grand-daughter who lives in Chicago and breastfeeds her daughter. “She’s about 18 months now. And don’t you know? They taught her sign language for 'milk!' I could never breastfeed my children. I couldn’t… you know, make a nipple.” (I think maybe she meant she had flat or inverted nipples. )
This woman, who we found out was in her 80s, went on and on to me about how amazing it is to breastfeed, even though she wasn’t able to nurse her own kids! I was nervous to nurse in my own garage and this great-grandmother turned it all around for me. I was smiling and happy the rest of the day! It also made me excited to hear about a woman who is still breastfeeding at 18 months and is obviously doing things so well that she impresses her own grandmother! We all know that our mothers and grandmothers can be the hardest ones to win over, if they didn’t breastfeed, and I feel a sense of pride for a woman in Chicago who has a grandmother as great as this one!


Rebecca lives with her husband, sons, and dog, in Dayton, OH. She’s a SAHM who enjoys reading, playing Candyland, breastfeeding, and gardening. Rebecca blogs at Completely Serendipitous.

Photo credit: Hannah
Despite the fact that negative nursing in public experiences get the publicity, more women receive the kindness and thanks from strangers for making breastfeeding a normal sight.
We want to share your positive stories so that other breastfeeding mothers and mothers-to-be will be inspired and encouraged to N.I.P. If you have a positive N.I.P. story, please contact us. We will include them in the series and credit you, your site, or post it anonymously if you so desire.


This is just great. :) Now, you will continue to be the woman that inspires others to feel so confident and comfortable. Thank you for over coming your nervous feelings, forgetting the blanket or those inconvenient cover-ups, and just feeding your baby. You inspire me.

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