Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Music and Milky

Josias and I attend a weekly program called Music Together, in which babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their parents sing, dance, play instruments and have fun with music.  Josias loves his music class.  We have a CD of the songs we sing in class and we listen to it in the car.  Josias sings along, predicts what song will come next and makes requests.

As much as Josias loves Music Together, in his mind (I imagine), there is one thing that could make it even better.  Milky!  Although the timing of the class does not coincide with a time that Josias would normally want to breastfeed, he asks for milky during every music class.  Always at the end when we sing a lullaby, and occasionally during some peppy dance number.  We scoot to the side, sit on the floor and breastfeed.  Often Josias tries to sing or dance at the same time.

We are entering our third ten-week session of this class and each has been a different group of children and their parents.  During the first session, several of the children would come stare, hover and sometimes point when Josias would breastfeed.  I loved their curiosity and the fact that they were watching a toddler breastfeed. One mother explained to her son that Josias was getting his milk from his Mama and that he used to get milk that way too. In our current session no one pays much mind when we breastfeed.

Until recently I hadn't really thought about breastfeeding in music class, but lately, I've started to wonder, with all these babies and toddlers, where are the other breastfeeders?  My guess is that several of the babies and toddlers do breastfeed, they just don't do it in class, because of timing, because they are thoroughly involved in class, or any number of other reasons.  At this point, Josias does not care that he is the only one having milky during music class.  Will he start to care?  Will I?

I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  For now, I love the fact that Josias has found joy in music and that we can experience his discovery together, including through breastfeeding.

Do you attend activities with your child where you are the only ones breastfeeding?  How does it feel?

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i often attend gatherings with friends whose children are of similar age or older than my son (13 months) and it seems like whenever we are someplace unfamiliar he always wants to nurse. a lot. some times i feel a little embarrassed being the only one nursing and other times i feel a little on display. i even nurse every time my husband's single guy friends come to our house to play D&D with us because it's around bed time.

in all of these instances everyone has been polite enough to not say anything to me and i think the guys are starting to get used to it. they used to avert their eyes and not talk to me but i just go on like nothing is happening and recently we can continue gameplay while i nurse and most people don't seem uncomfortable.

the place where i get the most questions is family gatherings. all my cousins have kids but i've never seen any of them nurse at a family gathering. i do it all the time so i don't know if i just didn't notice or they snuck off or they bottle fed or what. it never mattered to me before. mostly older family members have something to say about it.

today we did our first organized activity with other moms and kids at the local library and my son warmed up very quickly and ran off to play on his own. i kept on the move and he never asked to nurse. but after he refused lunch and would only nurse...who knows why. kids are fickle. i just give it whenever he asks and i am able and i go from there.

My 18 month old is all about nursing at home. Too much. Almost constantly some days. But out in public, with so much going on, I couldn't even tell you the last time he asked to nurse. It actually bums me out a little bit because, while I appreciate the break, I do like setting and example and breastfeeding in public, especially because he is a toddler and people don't see that as much.

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