Monday, October 15, 2012

2 Years of NIP, 0 Negative Comments

Josias is almost 2 and he continues to love his milky. Of late, he's taken to creating chants like: Milky! Milky! Yummy! Yummy! Or sometimes, it's simply a huge grin along with shouts of: Boobies! Boobies!
Josias and I have NIPed a lot, in almost every venue conceivable, including work meetings with (male and female) colleagues and during work sessions that I was facilitating. When I was a new mama, I felt a little nervous about breastfeeding in front of my 92 year old grandfather. Not only did Grandpa not bat an eye, he told me I was doing a good job!

I have never, not one time, received a negative comment. I haven't even noticed anyone looking at me askance. In fact, on a cross-county flight, I once received congratulations from the man sitting next to me for breasting feeding my son for so long.

There may have been those who thought I should go elsewhere, but no one said so. I read all these stories about mamas who are told to cover up, leave or make baby wait, and I get incensed. I want to support them and all the mamas and babies out there. I want to do something about it.

So, here's what I'm doing today: sharing some good news. All the NIPing, all the blogging, all the Nurse-Ins, etc. have made the world a better place. Josias and I are NIPers extraordinaires and the world has embraced us!

Do you feel your Nursing in Public has been supported, even celebrated? Please share your successes!

Photo credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell


Same here. Two and a quarter years and not an outraged peep, nor a disapproving sideways glance in public. Melbourne, Australia! Take a bow!
The only (veiled, subtle) pressure I get is from in-laws, partner, and very close friends, who all feel I guess that they have more right to share their opinion, and there is simply more opportunity for underlying disapproval to seep through. But even this tide is turning, and soon I don't think I'll have to defend our self-weaning plan anymore, as they'll all have caught on.
On a cynical day, I'd put the lack of public commentary down to PC individualism inhibiting public interaction, rather than explicit support for NIPing.
But then some old Greek lady will stare at us at the markets until I start to squirm, before deafly shouting, 'You! Good Mama! You Very Good Mama!' - and any cynicism dissolves.
Its lovely feeling supported, and I do hope decades of lactivism is indeed making it so!

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