Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Breastfeeding Around the World

World Breastfeeding Week 2013 Blog Carnival - and The San Diego Breastfeeding CenterWelcome to the World Breastfeeding 2013 Blog Carnival cohosted by and The San Diego Breastfeeding Center!

Welcome to the Wordless Wednesday edition of WBW 2013 - we are celebrating breastfeeding around the world! Please share your own breastfeeding pictures on your own blog, then link up with us using the linky below.
Then "pin" all of the places you've nurse in public to our map below. Let's see how many states, countries and continents we can pin!
To read some of the stories and articles from our authors who have written this week on community support for breastfeeding mothers, normalizing breastfeeding, and more, please visit the main carnival page.

Where have you nursed in public? Pin your locations to our map! Just click on the blue "Add" button, add your first name + location in "Entry Name," and an address or zip code to "Location" to the appropriate blanks. If you have trouble with the map from our site, visit the main map page.

Here are some of our readers' pictures breastfeeding around the world:
Lena nurses her sweet 3 day old newborn at a wedding in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Emily nurses her youngest son, Damien (18 months) in Washington, D.C. during the 20th annual Genital Integrity Awareness Week. Photo by James Loewen.

Amanda tandem nurses her girls at Cape May, New Jersey. Photo by Tara McGill.

Kayla nurses her 22 month old daughter on the beach in Port Stanley, Ontario.

We'd love to feature a few more of our readers photos - send them to Dionna {at} and we'll try to get them posted this morning!


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