About Us

Paige Lucas-Stannard, Author of Baby Dust Diaries and Co-Founder of NursingFreedom.org
Paige is a "recovering" infertile mama to her IVF miracle baby, Aellyn, and to three frozen embryo "snowflake" babies.  She blogs about  infertilitybabywearingbreastfeedingcosleepinghomeschooling – and maximizing her baby daughter’s health.  She's passionate about gentle discipline and hosts the Carnival of Gentle Discipline and monthly Gentle Discipline Fairs.  She is a research librarian at NASA when she's not blogging and a research junkie who often shares her research in her series The Science of Parenting.

Dionna Ford, Author of Code Name: Mama and Co-Founder of NursingFreedom.org

Dionna is a lawyer turned work at home mama of her amazing son, Kieran, and she is due with baby number two in late November 2011. You can normally find Dionna over at Code Name: Mama where she shares information, resources, and her thoughts on natural parenting and life with a toddler-almost-preschooler. She is passionate about issues regarding breastfeeding (particularly breastfeeding beyond infancy), RIC, and gentle discipline. Dionna is a regular contributor on API Speaks (the blog sponsored by Attachment Parenting International) and other natural parenting blogs, she co-hosts the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting, and she is co-founder of Natural Parents Network, a community of parents and parents-to-be who are interested in attachment parenting and natural family living.

Dena Huff, Author
Dena is mama to Josias, and both are breastfeeding devotees. The beginning of their breastfeeding journey was rough, and they almost didn’t make it. The experience demonstrated that they are very determined people, and helped them realize how important breastfeeding is to their incredible bond.
Dena was trained as a social worker and has worked in the fields of child welfare and domestic violence. She currently works full-time outside the home for Casey Family Programs, a national operating foundation whose mission is to provide, improve and ultimately prevent the need for foster care in the United States. Because her work and travel schedule requires her to be away from Josias for up to ten hours a day, Dena has mastered the art and science of pumping breastmilk.
As a new mother who is far away from family and friends, Dena finds the online community of natural parenting and breastfeeding to be an invaluable resource and support.
Dena blogs about yoga, motherhood and green living at EarthMamaYoga. Dena also writes as the DC Breastfeeding Examiner at Examiner.com.

Anna, Volunteer
Anna is a CLC, military spouse and stay at home mom to Mia as well as expecting another little one in mid-December. She supports the normalcy of nursing, a natural age of weaning and breastfeeding rights. As a CLC she offers evidence based support and information to mothers in need of breastfeeding help. She believes that breastfeeding success is partly determined by social, medical, media and family influences and women need positive encouragement and fact-based information to succeed. She also believes that every woman should be treated as an individual and set their own goals, without feeling judged or pressured into making a decision that is not based on informed consent.
At the moment, Anna is volunteering with NursingFreedom.org on our Facebook page, but we are looking forward to having Anna expand her role to utilize her knowledge as a CLC very soon. Anna maintains a personal blog at Life's a Salad Bar.

Lynn Gomez, Volunteer
Lynne is a natural mother of six with two stepsons. Each of her children have been nursed for varying amounts of time. Her oldest will be 15 in January and her youngest will be two in the middle of November. Her youngest is still nursing strong. Lynne has fallen for MANY "Booby Traps" over the years, and it is her goal to help other mommas jump over those traps. She believes in educating momma and family. She believes every momma needs a strong support system, and she is honored to be part of that for any woman. She is not a Licensed IBCLC - yet - but she is a very experienced nursing momma and is working towards her IBCLC.