Breastfeeding Cards

How many times have you talked to someone who was simply not aware of laws governing Nursing in Public?  We want to make sure you are always prepared to educate others and to protect your right to feed your child when needed regardless of location.  We have created State-specific reference cards that you can show someone if you are being harassed illegally or that you can hand out to friends and family.

We have lots of options!

The front of each card has a beautiful grayscale image of a nursing child and one of three themes:  Affirmations, Rights, or Benefits (click to view larger):


The full-color back of each card has the applicable State and Federal Laws protecting your right to Nurse in Public along with a statement asking the reader to respect your rights.  Here is an example of the back of the card for Utah showing the Utah State flag and the US Flag:

Breastfeeding Law Cards are currently on hold while we update our product and process.  More information will be coming soon!